RGB Christmas tree
Strip LED RGB controlled by ESP8266


LED RGB stands for red, blue and green LEDs. RGB LED products combine these three colors to produce more than 16 million shades of light. RGB strips are made up of several RGB LEDs and have the the advantage that, by controlling the intensity of the three basic colors, any desired color of light can be obtained. They are controlled by chips such as the WS2812 integrated in the LEDs that make up the strip. This control is done by means of a PWM signal sent, in our case, by an ESP8266 module that has the firmware WLED


DFRobot Digital RGB LED Strip 120 LED-Black


DFRobot Flexible LED Filament


Wemos D1 Mini v4.0.0


Power supply USB-C 5v 4.5a




1- Install WLED in Wemos D1 mini v4.0.0 How to
2- Enjoy WLED from any browser!!


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