IoT + 3D Printer
Real-time monitoring a 3D printer

Thanks to the web interface OctoPrint we can control everything that is happening in our 3D printer. We just need to connect it through its USB port to a Raspberry Pi and that's it.

But, if we want to monitor and analyze in real time all the information provided by OctoPrint, we can use the MQTT protocol to send it and generate graphs of extruder and hot bed temperature, printing hours, the process of a job, etc. To achieve this we need:

3D Printer


Raspberry Pi 3b+

With OctoPi installed. How to

Broker MQTT

In this case we will use our free MQTT broker. Access

  1. Install OctoPi 

  2. Install the plugin OctoPrint-MQTT and configure it with the connection parameters of our broker MQTT

  3. We identify topics of interest, for example 

    1. Extruder temperature:: octoPrint/temperature/tool0

    2. Hot bed temperature: octoPrint/temperature/bed

    3. Print Process: octoPrint/progress/printing

  4. We connect our IoT platform to the MQTT broker and deploy the necessary sensors to store and visualize the data. Real time example:

IoT Desing Manifesto 1.0
Guidelines for responsible design in a connected world